The Firmtrax Training

The Frimtrax System is the perfect combination of strategic planning, technology, and staff development. It provides a roadmap for your marketing and business development activities for the entire year.

Training Outline

Each chapter will provide step-by-step guidance along with any supporting videos, worksheets or material you need. You can cover chapters at your own pace; most firms cover the entire training over the span of a year.

Ch. 1: Getting Started

Ch 2: Building Your Strategy

Ch 3: Establishing Your Firm’s Identity

Ch 4: Establishing Your Technology Stack

Ch 5: Getting Your Website Ready To Tell Your Story

Ch 6: Getting Social

Ch 7: Establish Your Hunters Group

Ch 8: Holding Your First Hunters Group Meeting

Ch 9: Scheduling and Running Monthly Hunters Group Meetings

Ch 10: Networking to Your Strengths

Ch 11: Networking Events you should be doing

Ch. 12: Using 5X5 Events

Ch. 13: Establishing Your Goals

Ch. 14: Incentive and Tracking System

Ch. 15: Marketing Strategy and Calendar

Ch. 16: Creating Additional Marketing Content

Ch. 17: Strategies on leveraging your marketing content

Ch. 18: Getting client feedback and online reviews

Receive an Assessment, Free of Charge

At Firmtrax, we have designed a quick, yet thorough process to understand your current state and identify opportunities for improvement. Our assessment will uncover gaps in your strategy, people, process, and resources. Regardless of whether or not you use Firmtrax, our assessment will provide valuable insights into your firm.