The Firmtrax System

The Frimtrax Course is the perfect combination of strategic planning, technology, and staff development. It provides a roadmap for your marketing and business development activities for the entire year.

See what the Firmtrax System includes:


Firm Assessment

We want to make sure you’re set up for success with Firmtrax. As a first step, we’ll take you through an assessment to understand what capabilities you have in place and identify what resources you might need.


Kickoff Meeting

It’s all hands on deck! Whether we meet in groups or all at one time, we’ll help you set the vision for the program and the journey ahead.


Step-by-Step Training with the Firmtrax Course

You’ll access the FirmTrax training through our portal and cover chapter by chapter at your own pace. The training covers marketing and business development through 18 chapters. Even though you can execute at your own pace, most firms cover one or two chapters per month.

Click here to see the full training outline.


Marketing by Numbers Technology and Content

FirmTrax includes a 12-month subscription to Marketing by Numbers Plus Plan, which includes award-winning sales and marketing CRM and unique video marketing content.

Sales and Marketing CRM

The Marketing by Numbers sales and marketing platform enables you to centralize all of your clients, prospects and referral sources. Deploy online forms and landing pages to capture new leads. Use “tags” to segment your contacts and deliver highly personalized emails. Our system will monitor each contact’s engagement and automatically take action based on specific events or contact scoring. It’s like bionics for marketing.

Email and Video Marketing Content

Say goodbye to boring, me too newsletters. Each month, we’ll send your clients short, engaging videos that they’ll absolutely love. Each video will cover an important financial topic with great take-away value. It will showcase your full value, lead to new conversations, and uncover new ways to better serve your clients.

See Examples of our Emails, Video Landing Pages and Gallery