No matter where your firm is in its growth,
Firmtrax can help.

Firmtrax is able to offer three different services to help your firm grow. To gain the strategies, tactics, and processes for marketing and business development, you can purchase the Firmtrax Course. For any help with implementation and execution, we offer a wide range of CMO services to suit your specific needs. 

The Firmtrax Course

The Firmtrax Course for service firms will provide you with step-by-step guidance on marketing and business development for your firm. It includes the Firmtrax Course and an initial consultation to help with implementation. The cost of the course is $2,000. Schedule a call now to learn more.

CMO Services

We understand the different needs and levels of strategic help your company might need. Let us work with you to design the scope of services that best fit your firm and budget. If you have a current marketing solution, a fractional CMO can be an invaluable resource that can provide mentorship and stability. We look forward to sitting down and creating a marketing relationship that grows with your firm. A General initial needs strategy can range from $1,000 to $3,500, depending on the size and scope of your business. Additional services are priced based on scope.

Frequenty Asked Questions

How much support can I expect from Firmtrax?

We will provide ample support for your firm. We will help you implement the key areas of the system, including our technology stack. If your needs are more strategic or you feel you are interested in more support, we can discuss a more hands-on fractional CMO role with your firm.

Can Chris attend our kick off meeting?

Yes, Chris can attend and help lead your kick-off meeting for an additional fee.

Can you provide references?

Yes, Firmtrax can introduce you to current and past clients.

Receive an Assessment, Free of Charge

At Firmtrax, we have designed a quick, yet thorough process to understand your current state and identify opportunities for improvement. Our assessment will uncover gaps in your strategy, people, process, and resources. Regardless of whether or not you use Firmtrax, our assessment will provide valuable insights into your firm.